Slapback Records – 30 Years

I was recently contacted on Soundcloud by someone who had been looking for a copy of a track I’d made 30 years ago. The track was on the 5th release of our label Slapback Records. A label started in 1994 with friends Dave Parkinson and Steve Wales [now no longer with us, rip] in Torquay and turned into part of a stable of 5 or 6 record labels across various genres of the day from house to gabba techno and jungle/dnb. Labels included Slapback Records, Cuban Records, Spiral Vinyl, Semtex Records, Dave went on to play keyboards with the Happy Mondays as well as produce loads of big tracks. More on that soon.

As well as producing music I was also designing all the covers and label artwork. Really fun times.

I wanted to share the requested track and now I’ve figured out how to record the vinyl I have, I’ll be digging out all the tracks we made and hopefully remixing a few for fun. I had a look on Discogs and a copy of SLAB 005 is currently priced at £100 which was a surprise, but cool nonetheless!

Thanks to Soose Manuva and GaragVybs98 for the heads up!

Download a copy of the recorded vinyl wav here:

Set My Mind – DJ Martin Smith {Slapback Records 1994]

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Music. Cycling. Design. Although DJing has been a big part of my life, my day job as a designer and sports like cycling, snowboarding and surfing have also played a large part of my life too.

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