We’re Back!!!

In the mix on the Terrace at Reah Bros. Bar Torquay Pavilion

After an unexpected 6 weeks offline due to server problems, the site is finally back online. It was a close call to redesign the site from scratch and start over, but at the 11th hour, the server is finally sorted and back up and running. Will still be looking at a little revamp in the near future but for now it’s about getting all the recent news, mixes, tracks and gig info onto the site as quick as possible.

The summer has been a busy one with Martin playing 3-4 times a week and also working on new productions in the studio with some collaborations in the pipeline as well.

Some good news is that Martin has made many of his recent tracks available as free downloads from his Soundcloud page. Go there now to grab them! http://soundcloud.com/djmartinsmith

Martin Written by:

Music. Cycling. Design. Although DJing has been a big part of my life, my day job as a designer and sports like cycling, snowboarding and surfing have also played a large part of my life too.

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