NYE en L2A et ADH

My New Year is shaping up to be a very similar affair to last year as it’s now confirmed that I’m booked to play in Les Deux Alpes in France for New Years Eve. Flying out on 30th December to be ready for the big night at Smithy’s Tavern and also the newly named ‘Mini Bar’ which was previously called ‘Lounge’ and also hosted my ‘Électrique’ monthly parties. There will be other gigs in the ski/snowboard resort and also a possible night in across the valley in Alpe D’Huez at ‘Lounge 21’. I’m in resort until the 6th on January 2011, but considering a longer stay if possible.

The trip is always loads of fun and great to catch up with all the Seasonaires and also get some snowboarding done! this will be the first of many trips this season and the plan is to run the Électrique night each month of the winter season as i did last season.

I’m just hoping there are no problems getting out of the UK with all the extra cold weather, snow, ice etc we’re getting so far this winter.

I’ll be recording sets while I’m there so will post them on the site as soon as poss.

More details on gig as soon as I have them.

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