Live Mix @ Le Bresilien, Les Deux Alpes

DJ Martin Smith @ Le Bresilien 2hr Live Mix

Martin is spending as much time this winter season in Les Deux Alpes and plays regularly at Le Bresilien to great crowds of mixed nationalities, but this venue has a regular French clientelle. Martin is gaining much respect for his nights from staff and partygoers alike. Check out the mix for a slice of the night at ‘Bres’. The mix was recorded on Martin’s second trip to L2A this season and he’s currently playing another week of gigs in L2A before a brief stint back inthe UK preparing for another return to France at the end of February.

Hope you enjoy the mix.

Martin Written by:

Music. Cycling. Design. Although DJing has been a big part of my life, my day job as a designer and sports like cycling, snowboarding and surfing have also played a large part of my life too.

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