7 nights 10 gigs

I’m back in the UK briefly and trying to recover from another epic week of gigs in Les Deux Alpes in the French Alps. Seven nights of Djing with 2 afternoon sets at Pano Bar on the mountain plus a set at Avalanche Club.

Le Bresilien
I flew out on the February 3rd after only a week back in UK and played the first four nights at Le Bresilien. Thursday and Friday’s crowds were really up for a great party and my set consisted of mostly tech-house and progressive but also had to play some main-room dance mixes to keep the more commercial crowd in the loop! Saturday’s crowd was a mostly french/italian mix as was sunday night. A great four night run and am set to return to Le Bresilien on Feb 24th.

Monday night at Mini Bar
Mini Bar is where I usually hold my Électrique night on my last night in resort [usually a wednesday]. I was asked to play as the resort has a very busy night on Mondays with Bar Crawls calling in at various places in town. Mini Bar is a fairly small place only holding around 150 but it soon filled up and the crowd were soon up for a good party with my mix starting out fairly tech-house and ending more electro and progressive.

Tuesday night at Smithy’s Tavern
Not originally on my schedule, but welcome all the same,  Smithy’s Tavern asked me to play for the night. They’d only recently played host to Shyheim from Wu Tang Clan and Smithy’s is not only a massively popular venue but for me is always a homecoming gig as it’s the reason I’ve played so much in Les Deux Alpes over the last four years. I’ve had some really successful nights DJing at Smithy’s and the Tuesday night certainly went well, with plenty of the crowd dancing on tables and chairs!  A more commercial crowd, but they were loving the electro towards the latter part of the night. plenty of great feedback from the staff and punters too!

Électrique – Pre-Party @ Pano Bar / Main party @Mini Bar
After the madness that was Tuesday night at Smithy’s Wednesday brought yet more sunshine and was a stunning day on the mountain. I played at the famous Pano Bar with resident DJ Allan as a pre-party for my Électrique night at Mini Bar that night. from 2.30pm I kicked things off with a real nice selection of Tech House tunes with a some choice new tracks from the recently form ‘Manquina’ & ‘Manquina Deep’ labels as well as the re-mastered release of ColourSound ‘Fly with Me’.

DJ Allan continued in a similar vein and as the huge outdoor mountain bar area sweeled to some 2000+ revellers we ramped things up. Allan and I played back-to-back for the last half hour and I dropped 2 of the biggest tunes of the afternoon to put the crowd ina frenzy. Those tunes were a Tristan Garner bootlegg of Daft Punk vs Deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner’ Animal Rights and followed it wth Rene Amez’s rework or Nirvana’s Smells like teen spirit. Allan’s big tune of the moment is Bloody Beetroots vs Daft Punk – Aerobeetroots which the huge Pano crowd always go nuts for!

The party at Pano in the afternoon was crazy, especially with Avalanche also promoting their Sex Show so duely brought a stripper to the party who then got topless pretty much everywhere. Brave girl considering Pano sits at around 2800 metres.

After the usual aprés adventures down in the town is wasn’t long before it was time to get things underway for Électrique @ Mini Bar. If I’m honest it was a really slow start and just ticked over to the tech house sounds I was playing, but certainly built up to a great finish with plenty more electro and progressive tracks getting an airing. I recorded a live mix of the night again and that will be available soon so keep checking back.

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