Sponsored by CYW Urbanz

Martin has recently been sponsored by CYW by Urbanz who make a range of Headphones, Clothing and Accessories and will be using their ‘Block’ DJ headphone at upcoming gigs in the UK and France. You can view the products at their website http://cywbyurbanz.com

And if you like what you see you can use Martin’s Discount code UB20 to get 20%off your purchases on the site.

Here’s some info about CYW:

“CYW by Urbanz is a new born brand to the street fashion industry with an extensive range of headphones and accessories along with new lines of quirky designed earth positive clothing.

Our aim is to constantly develop as a brand with a slightly off-centre approach to design and promotion. We strive to create the most interesting street fashion that is ultimately timeless; we want you to wear our limited edition tees for years to come and to stand out in the right way!

CYW is an acronym of ‘Colour Your World’, a simple philosophy which we believe in. We live in such a colourful world, full of bright and wonderful things then why be dull and boring?

Whilst we cannot promise that all of our garments are 100% organic, we can ensure that the people that make our products are well looked after, as we have zero tolerances to substandard working conditions.”

Martin Written by:

Music. Cycling. Design. Although DJing has been a big part of my life, my day job as a designer and sports like cycling, snowboarding and surfing have also played a large part of my life too.

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  1. February 22, 2011

    Nice one on getting the sponsorship!

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